Serving Children born of Rape and Sexual Violence

Serving children born of rape and sexual violence requires the following support:

-Education: providing financial assistance for children to go to school

-Food: providing healthy food to children for their development and survival

-Basic Health Care: providing the opportunity for children to have access to quality health care

-Psychosocial Development: Educational activities, life skills, and other activities promoting the development of the child. Psychological well being and skills of adaptation through creative, imaginative , and physical games.

-Distribution of Non-Food Items: Soap, shoes, books, clothes, and other items that give children the opportunity to develop, to play, and to strengthen their resilience. Providing a safe space where children can participate in organized activities so they can have fun, socialize, learn, and express themselves all while rebuilding their lives.

-Accompaniment of Mothers and Parents: Supporting mothers and Parents victimized by rape and violence by providing professional training and microloans giving them the skills and stability to start their own business to provide for themselves and their children.